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HallsFence.com was created to help educate New Jersey consumers on their options when it comes to fence styles and fence companies. Use this website as a resource to help when choosing a fence for your property. Need help finding a fence company? Contact us today and we’ll connect you with a fence expert within 24 hours!

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Fence Installation NJ

Fence Installation

Choosing the right fence for your property can be a bit overwhelming. Where do you even start? This website was created to help you decide. Look around and find answers to all common fence questions. If you can’t find an answer, contact us and we’ll connect you with a fence expert in seconds!

Fence Repair

Living in NJ, we are all very familiar with the bad hurricanes that receive. Hurricane Sandy devastated our state and left thousands with damaged property. When a storm rolls through New Jersey, the first thing that comes down in high winds and rain are tree branches (or the actually trees). This can leave even the toughest fences mangled and broken. Often times homeowners are tricked by sly salesmen at fence companies saying that they need to replace the entire fence. This isn’t always true. Fence repair can be an easier, less expensive alternative to replacing an entire fence that is damaged.

Highest Quality Companies

When it comes to fence companies, not all are created equal. You need to choose a fence company that has your best interests in mind, rather than just taking your money. We can help you find a fence company that works with you to install the perfect fence for your New Jersey property. Contact us today and we will put you in touch with a fence expert!

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Vinyl Fencing

Vinyl fences are one of the most popular styles of fencing, rising in popularity above both wood and aluminum. Although it may be a bit more expensive than other styles, vinyl fences are virtually maintenance free and are very easily to repair if damaged. As one of the top fence company educational websites in NJ, Halls Fence can help you find the right fence company to install your vinyl fence.

Vinyl (also known as PVC) is a great investment in your property. It is able to take harsh weather conditions such as wind and rain. There are two main styles that this fence comes in – privacy and picket. As you can guess, privacy is a taller structure that keeps you prying eyes off your home and property. Picket, like its wood alternative, is a more traditional style.

Installing vinyl a fence is a tough job and must be done by a well trained professional. Measurements must be exact or you will risk compromising the integrity of the fence. Make sure to choose a fence company in New Jersey that has the skill and experience to get your job done right.

Split Rail Fences

Split rail fences are gaining in popularity as a easy, traditional way to border your property. It offers a certain rustic charm that other fences cannot compare to. Split rail is commonly found on farms. This is because farmers in the past had limited resources and had to use the wood around them to make the fences that kept their livestock in. Although it seems like a simple fence to install, split rail fences need precise measurements and cuts to look their best.

When having this type of fence installed, you want to make sure that you work with a fence company that knows exactly what they are doing. Here at Halls Fence of New Jersey, we work hard to give you the best “bang for your buck”. That means we only use the highest quality wood when installed split rail fences and you pay the lowest prices.

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Aluminum Fence

Aluminum fencing is an elegant way to both increase the value and safety of your home. What our customers love, besides the fact that aluminum fences last a lifetime, is that they are cheaper than many other styles of fences.

Installing an aluminum fence takes time and effort. Make sure to go with a fence company around New Jersey that you can trust. With this type of fence, often times fencers rush the job and overlook key steps – setting the posts properly, measuring the gaps, and more. Missing just one small detail could ruin the entire fence project. That could leave you the owner of a broken fence – not what you want.

We would be glad to talk to you more about it. Scroll down to contact us today and we’ll connect you with a fence expert!

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