Fence installation in New Jersey is more than just digging holes and installing posts, it is a craft that involves a multitude of skills – engineering, geometry, mathematics – while at the same time having an eye for design. Here at Halls Fence, we want to help you find the right fence installation company.

What differentiates the good from the great in this business is the amount of time and effort that great fence installation is the amount of effort, precision, and time the craftsmen put into the installation. Our goal is to help you find a company that treats every single fence project with the dedication, care, and precision that it deserves. 

We have seen too many fence companies try to nickel and dime their customers to try and make a “quick buck”. That is why we created this website. We want to help educate New Jersey consumers as to how they can choose a fence installation company that will not take advantage of them.

We want to share our knowledge of fence installation with you so you, the customer, can make the best buying decisions. Below is the exact process the right fence company will go through when we install your fence.

First they start off with an initial survey of your land. They will also ask you some questions to get to know specifically what you want…

  • Would you like this fence to be primarily for privacy?
  • Would you like this fence to be installed for only aesthetics
  • Would you like this fence to be installed for safety reasons?

By answering these questions they can better understand your needs and fulfill them 100%.

One of the most important steps in the fence installation process is picking the style of the fence. The right company will sit down with you and talk about your preferences to find the perfect fence style that fits your property. Next their craftsmen head back to your home to detail how and where the fence will be installed. This process involves a lot of planning as to make absolutely sure your fence is installed precisely and does not interfere with any laws/boundaries, etc.

After your fence is properly designed, the fence company will begin the installation process. This can take anywhere from a day to a week, depending on the size of the job (commercial installation usually takes longer than home installation).

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