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Below are a selection of the fences Halls Fence installs and repairs…

  • Vinyl –┬áThe primary ingredient is a chemical known as PVC (polyvinyl chloride). This chemical allows vinyl to have the strength and durability as metal (on a slightly lesser scale) while being much more impervious to weather conditions. The biggest concern for damage to a metal/aluminum fence is rust but vinyl can withstand a lot of water without damage.
  • Aluminum – Aluminum is a great metal for building a fence with. That is because it is cheap, durable, and can withstand mother nature very well.
  • Split Rail – This is a very popular type of wood fence that was created over a hundred years ago during the first world war when soldiers could not carry fences with them but had to make them out of the natural materials around them. It is great for bordering traditional homes and farms.
  • Wood – This one of the traditional materials used in fences and can provide a multitude of different styles – privacy, picket, etc. If you’re looking for something timeless/classic, this is the fence to go for.
  • Chain Link – Looking for property protection that’s quick and easy to install? Chain link fences are your best bet. They’re weather resistant and can be assembled/disassembled within 24 hours (depending on the job).
  • Pool – Have a pool and little kids/animals? You’ll want to keep them safe by having a pool fence installed.
  • Commercial – Along with home fence installation and repair, we also do commercial job.

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