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Deer are quite cute animals when you watch them in wildlife documentaries. However, what you didn’t know is how ferocious they can be in real life, especially when it comes to your precious home garden. Deer attack just about any plant you can grow and they will show up when you least expect and will clear your field within days.

Deer are tough animals to control with ordinary fencing. Because of their slender and utterly flexible body, they can easily twist, wiggle or crawl their way through fences to the plants they are targeting. Sometimes they can be as tactical as kicking on a fence with their hind legs to damage and create a crevice they can go through in.

Accordingly, ordinary fencing won’t work; what you need is high-grade deer fence designed to protect that one animal that is a menace to your crops. Deer Fence will effectively protect your flowers, herbs, vegetables or lawn grass from deer invasion. This is because the deer fence is made with material tougher than conventional fencing and its set-up is also quite different.

Deer fence is designed with feature that will keep any herbivorous wild animal at bay. The height is constructed high enough to ensure Deer won’t be able to jump over and access your plants while you are away. A normal deer can jump to a height of approximately 8 meters in the air. Many of the deer fencing sold in the market today comfortably reach these heights to ensure your plants are always protected.

But this does not mean you have to completely overhaul your previous fencing. Maybe it worked just fine but the only problem you have is that deer can easily jump over. You need not to worry though; considering what length your fence is right now, you can add another layer of fencing on top, preferably to go beyond 8 meters. If your current fence is 4 meter high, you can add a high grade Deer fence that is 4 meter high as well on top of the current fence.

With the height taken care of, the next part you need to consider is the width of your Deer Fence. One way deer fence works perfects is the additional overlapping slaps that are opaque and prevent deer from seeing what’s on the other side. They can smell the crop, but if they cannot see where the scent is coming from, they are less likely to bother your precious garden.

Another great way to fortify your perimeter with deer fence is using deer netting. Deer netting works the same way as overlapping slaps and is preferably used when you are up against less aggressive deer invasion.

If you need to install a deer fence today, the best way to do it is to hire an expert contractor. A trained contractor will survey your perimeter fencing and advice what ideal deer fence suits you.

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