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Pool fences are a must if you have an above ground or below ground pool on your property.

Owning a pool means there is a high risk someone (or something) could potentially hurt themselves. With all the fun that comes with owning a pool, there is also an increase in liability. If you have small children, they could wander off and fall in – the same could happen with any pets you might have and let out near your pool. Even if you do not own pets or have children, small animals (such as squirrels, frogs, fox, and even deer) can find there way into your pool if it is not protected by a fence. Many pool owners do not realize that protecting their pool with a fence is a big priority and could save them potential law suits.

Below is a look at some of the statistics regarding pool related injuries/deaths…

  • 69 % of  drowning incidents occurred while one (or both parents) were watching over the child.
  • 14% of pool related drownings occurred while the child was being watching by a babysitter.
  • 65% of the drowning incidents are in a pool owned by the child’s family.

Keeping your friends, family, and pets safe is important when owning a pool and that is why we take extreme care when installing our pool fences.

Now let’s take a look at a selection of of the styles we can install and/or repair…

Here at Halls Fence of NJ, we not only want to provide you with the highest quality pool fence but also one that accents your pool, home, and property. That is why we offer a wide variety of fencing styles. It is our goal to make the entire installation (or repair) process as easy for you as possible. Below are a few of the more popular styles we offer…

  • Mesh – This is the perfect pool fence for a quick installation. Many of our mesh pool fences are made purely for safety reasons and can be disassembled at the drop of a hat. This type of pool fence is perfect for new parents that want to keep their child safe but do not want to spend the time and money having a large fence installed. If you’re having a party or adults over, it’s very easy to take down and set-up again after.
  • Aluminum – Our aluminum pool fences differ from our regular aluminum fencing. This is because they are treated with special chemicals to keep them from eroding when pool water gets on them. Chlorine can eat away at fences if they are not treated properly.

We start each project by understanding your wants and needs in a new fence. This means that we ask you various questions before we even survey your property, making sure that we know exactly what you want in a pool fence.

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