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Split rail fences are seeing a resurgence in popularity along the east coast, especially New Jersey. This is because homeowners are starting to buy old “fix ’em uppper” homes such as ranches, farm homes, and colonials. These types of homes go very well with split rail fences. That is because they offer a “rustic” look that brings out the aesthetics.

The history behind this fence is pretty interesting. During World War I, soldiers could only take the absolute necessities into battle. When setting up camp, they wanted to make sure there was a clear border keeping them safe and the enemies out. Since they had minimal supplies and materials, the soldiers had to use what was around them – trees. They chopped them down and used fallen branched to make what is known today as a split rail (or zig-zag) fence!

Split rail fencing is perfect for bordering a home or farm and showing where the property line is. In fact, split rail fencing is used by farmers to keep they livestock in and show where their property line is. They enjoy this type of fence because it is cheap and all natural.

Although it seems like a relatively simple fence, there is a lot of hard work and effort that goes into installing this type of fence. Make sure that you go with a fence contractor that is knowledgable and understands exactly how to install this type of fence (it differs from general wood fence installation).

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