There are hundreds of reasons to how property damage can occur, especially damage to your fence. The one that we hear the most is bad storms knocking down trees and tree branches. Even a small tree branch can damage the strongest fences.

Aside from weather related damaged, time can take its toll on your fence as well.

Rot is an unfortunate way that split rail fences see their demise. Many times it’s hard to even see when rot starts because more often than not, it begins at the bottom of the post (underground). It slowly eats away at the bottom of the post, working its way up. This is the cause for leaning in many wood fences.

Often times, fence companies rush through jobs and install the wrong types of fencing. We often see regular aluminum fences installed next to pools. This can cause big issues. Why? The chemicals used in chlorine can slowly wear away aluminum that isn’t treated to be a pool fence. Unfortunately, it’s almost impossible to repair this type of fence damage – it must be replaced.

Lastly, we often seeĀ fences that have been mangled by pesky animals. These can range from pets (such as dogs) to wild animals (such as rabbits or birds using your fence as a nest). The most popular animal damage we see in New Jersey is from deer. Deers like to eat the plants in your garden and will usually try to jump or kick down fencing.

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